Decorative parquet



Decorative parquet is made of small pieces of wood combined together from one or more wood species. This parquet can be divided into few different groups by thickness and length of the wood pieces. The first grour is 8mm thick and has shorter parquet dimensions. Then there are 10mm shorter length and 10mm longer lehgth dimensions parquets. Decorative parquet is made using special machinery that connects small pieces of wood together using special net under the parquet. Such parquet when installed, sanded and finished with lacquer or oil gives interior very luxury and unique look. It is similar to art parquet but still has better price. For producing such parquet only 100% of natural solid domestic or exotic hardwood is used. To have the best option or special offers contact us.


 Wood species: Oak + exotic species
Dimensions: Thickness 8mm or 10mm
Finishing: Delivered unfinisehed from factory
 Grades: Nature (knotfree and more uniform) / Rustic (knots and color variations allowed)
 Connection: Connected to the net under parquet
 Installation: Glued to subfloor, filled, sanded and oiled/lacquered at place
 Subfloor: Plywood (reccommended), concrete (2m in length can have maximum 3mm hight difference)
Underfloor heating: Yes
 Installation thickness with plywood. 18/20 mm
 Sanding cycles:  7…12 times
 Life cycles: 7…12x15years ≈ 105…180 years (depending on usage intencity)
 Packaging: Vacume foil, or handwrapping
 Delivery time: 2….8 weeks from order – every order is specially made




Muster 8-4

Hind: 39,9 EUR + km / Mõõt: 250*500mm / Puit: Tamm + akaatsia / Sort Natuur

Muster 8-3

Hind: 39,9 EUR + km / Mõõt: 250*500mm / Puit: Tamm + akaatsia / Sort Natuur

Muster 8-2

Hind: 39,9 EUR + km / Mõõt: 410*410mm / Puit: Tamm / Sort Natuur

Muster 8-1

Hind: 39,9 EUR + km / Mõõt: 375*375mm / Puit: Tamm + pähkel / Sort Natuur




Muster 10-14

Muster 10-15

Muster 10-12

Muster 10-11

Muster 10-10

Muster 10-9

Muster 10-8

Muster 10-7

Muster 10-6

Muster 10-5

Muster 10-4

Muster 10-3

Muster 10-2

Muster 10-1




Muster XL-14

Muster XL-13

Muster XL-12

Muster XL-11

Muster XL-10

Muster XL-9

Muster XL-8

Muster XL-7

Muster XL-6

Muster XL-5

Muster XL-4

Muster XL-3

Muster XL-2

Muster XL-1