Industrial parquet



Industrial parquet is 100% made of natural hardwood that is one of the most longlasting woodfloor types. Industrial parquet is made of small pieces os solid oak, ash or some other wood speceis. The pieces are connected together with tape so that the floor is installed as small modules – not every piece separately. This parquet finished look is the same as mosaic parquet’s parallel pattern. The mateial is transported to the consturction area unfinished. This means that the floor needs to be glued down, sanded and finished with oil or lacquet at the construciton site.Industrial parquet suits good with underfloor heating.Dimensions 22 x 8 x 160mm  or 10 x 8 x 160mm (widht x thickness x  length). Floor material thickness is either 10 või 22mm.


Wood species: Oak, ash, smoked oak (some other species on request)
Dimensions: 22x8x160mm or 10x8x160mm
Finishing: Unfinished
Grades: Nature or mix grading
Connection: taped underneath
Moisture content: 8±2%
Installation: Glued to subfloor, filling, sanding and finishing at place.
Subfloor: Plywood (reccomended), concrete (2m can have maximum of 3 mm height difference)
Underfloor heating: Yes
Installation thickness with plywood: 32 or 20mm
Patterns: Parallel
Sanding cycles: 7…20 korda
Life cycle: 7…20×15 years ≈ 105…300 years (depending on usage intencity)
Packaging: Vacume foil
Delivery time: 1…6 nädalat
Weight 1m2 22mm thickness: about 14kg
Weight 1m2 10mm thickness: about 6,5kg


Oak 22 thickness 29.0 € 24.0 €
Oak 10 thickness 24.0 € 19.0 €
Smoked oak 22 thickness 34.0 € 30.5 €
Smoked oak 10 thickenss 29.0 € 25.5 €
Ash 22 thickness x 24.0 €
Ash 10 tickness x 19.0 €

Prices do not include VAT (20%)!


Scetch                                           Oak                                Ash                                      Smoked oak

Industriaalparkett  Industriaalparkett-tamm   saar

On special order available:

       Steamed beech                             Maple                        Steamed oak                             Steamed ash