Hansa Plank



We are happy to offer to our clients exclusive floor product – oak floorboard on plywood. Hansa Plank unites two components – tradition and modern. The product is made of two layer – plywood and oak. Using plywood as bottom layer enables the floor to be installed to underfloor heating. This product gives an opportunity to create unique and personal interior. The boards can be prefinished in factory – the colors are possilbe to choose from our color list.

Wood species: Oak
Dimensions: 14/16mm main thicknesses, 140/185mm widhts, lengths 400…2400mm
Finishing: Delivered unfinished or preoiled
Grades: Rustic, Nature (with longer production time- Select)
Connection: T&G (tongue and groove) 4 sides and bevels 2 or 4 sides
Moisture content: 8±2%
Installation: Glued to subfloor (on special occations floating installation) + filling + sanding and finishing (if product bought unfinished)
Subfloor: Plywood/OSB, concrete
Underfloor heating: Yes
Installation thickness: 11mm…16mm
Sanding cycles: ~ 2…4 times
Life sycle: 2…4 x 15 years ≈ 30…60 years (depending on usage intencity)
Packaging: Vacume foil or hand wrapping
Delivery time: 2…8 weeks




On face side allowed:

Helthy knots till 8mm (occationally knotfree) no big color change allowed. Rarely may occur some micro cracks. Moisture content 9± 2 % when leaving factory. 





On face side allowed:

Healthy not fallen out knots till 25mm allowed. Those knots can be cracked but are filled . Rarely may occur some fallen out knots till 25mm in diameter, some micro cracks allowed maximum 12cm in length and 3mm diameter. All cracks are filled. Natural wood color changes also some sapwood allowed.  Moisture content 9± 2 % when leaving factory.




On face side allowed:

All size of knots that can be also cracked. Rarely occure fallen out knots till 25m in diameter. Micro cracks till 15cm long and 5mm in diameter allowed. All knots and cracks are filled. Natural wood color changes also some sapwood allowed. Rough color change allowed. Moisture content 9± 2 % when leaving factory.




HANSA PLANK standard finishes:

 polaarjaa-polar-ice  tamm-sahara-oak-sahara
Oak Polar Ice Oak Sahara
 tamm-kohv-oak-coffee  tamm-vana-mois-oak-old-mansion
Oak Coffee Oak Old Mansion
Oak Dark Oak Old Forest
 tamm-savine-oak-clayey  tamm-naturaalne-oak-natural
Oak Clay Oak Natural
 tamm-oovalk-oak-night-thunder  tamm-sarav-oak-shiny
Oak Night Thunder Oak Shine
 tamm-oosuits-oak-night-smoke  tamm-rose-oak-rose
Oak Night Smoke Oak Rosé
 tamm-delfiin-oak-dolphin  tamm-parl-oak-pearl
Oak Dolphin Oak Pearl
 tamm-valge-kreem-oak-white-cream  tamm-safari-oak-safari
Oak White Cream Oak Safari


HANSA PLANK additional finishes:

 Oak Wet Sand  Oak Chockolate
 tamm-luuhall-oak-greybone  tamm-matsipan-oak-marzipan
 Oak Greybone  Oak Marzipan
 tamm-santo-oak-santo  tamm-iidne-oak-ancient
 Oak Santo  Oak Ancient
 tamm-varjune-oak-shady  tamm-udune-oak-foggy
 Oak Shady  Oak Foggy
 tamm-pruunkaru-oak-bear  tamm-kuld-oak-gold
 Oak Bear  Oak Gold
 Oak Red Pepper


Additional possibilities:

Preoiling in factory
Lacquering – only transparent lacquer available


NB! Ask for project based offer!

Dimensions (thickness x widht x lengths) Top layer thickness Grading Finishing Price, EUR/m2
16x185x400…2400mm 4,0 mm select*** unfinished 58,0 €
oliwax 65,0 €
nature unfinished 51,0 €
oliwax 58,0 €
rustic unfinished 44,0 €
oliwax 50,0 €
16x140x400…2400mm 4,0 mm nature unfinished 48,5 €
oliwax 55,5 €
rustic unfinished 41,5 €
oliwax 47,5 €
14x100x600mm, kalasaba 2,5 mm nature unfinished 44,5 €
oliwax 50,5 €
rustic unfinished 37,5 €
oliwax 43,5 €
14x185x400…2400mm 2,5 mm select*** unfinished 54,0 €
oliwax 60,0 €
nature unfinished 47,0 €
oliwax 53,0 €
rustic unfinished 40,0 €
oliwax 46,0 €
14x140x400…2400mm 2,5 mm nature unfinished 46,5 €
oliwax 52,5 €
rustic unfinished 39,5 €
oliwax 45,0 €
11x140x400…2400mm 2,5 mm nature unfinished 45,5 €
oliwax 51,0 €
rustic unfinished 38,0 €
oliwax 44,0 €
11x120x400…2400mm 2,5 mm nature unfinished 41,0 €
oliwax 47,0 €
rustic unfinished 35,5 €
oliwax 41,0 €
11x120x1500mm, fixed length 2,5 mm mix unfinished 31,5 €
oliwax 36,5 €

Prices do not include VAT (20%)!
*** – production needs to be planned long time ahead.


Hansa Plank boards can be ordered as classical herringbone and French Herringbone pattern.
Classic herringbone adds +10…20 eur/m² to regular prices


If you are interested in our Hansa Plank products please contact us for special offer!

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