Bamboo floorboards are one of the few products that is ecologically very environment friendly.  As far as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants then there is no chance it will finally run out. We offer very special bamboo products – pressbamboo flooringboards. It is very strong material – by brinel scale even 9,5 points (approximately three times harder than oak!). Due to the strengths the material is used in places of high intensity usage and why not in the households with any pets.


Wood species: Pressbamboo
Dimensions: 14*125*1830mm
Strenghts: Very stong, brinell skale 9,5 (3 times harder than oak!)
Finishing: Delivered from factory bevelled 4 sides and lacquered
Colors: Natural, carbon and brown
Grading: More even grading
Connection: Click system 4 sides
Moisture content: 8±2%
Installation: Glued to subfloor or floating installation
Subfloor: Plywood, concrete (2m can have maximum of 3mm height difference)
Underfloor heating: Yes
Installation thickness: 22mm
Sanding cycles:  ~5…8 times
Life cycle: 5…8x15years ≈ 75…120 years (depending on usage intencity)
Packaging: Carton
Delivery time: 2…4 weeks

Pressbamboo 14*125*1830mm price level 65€ + km  m2 

Boards have click system:


All colors:










 Nature  Nature brushed  Carbon
 Carbon brushed  Brown Bear  Old Brand